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Event-Reminder.org News

SSL protocol

September 14, 2016

To keep your info secure, starting from now the site is working over encrypted HTTPS connection instead of plain HTTP.

Email change feature

June 21, 2015

At last, added one of the most requested features to change the email address of the account. It definitely must have been done much earlier, but we have what we have.

To change the email, just find the appropriate item in account's settings and submit the request. Then find a verification message in the inbox of your new email and visit the link to apply changes.

Event-Reminder.org is 2 years!

June 18, 2015

Two years ago Event-Reminder.org was uploaded to the server and became available as a public web service. Since then has been made many updates, improvements and bugfixes, and it's not the end, despite the recent lack of news :) Stay tuned!

Added Russian translation

June 04, 2015

Event-Reminder.org is now available also in Russian language.

New functionality: notification time

May 18, 2015

Now you can specify the time when you would like the notification to be sent.

A big update

May 7, 2015

The new version of Event Reminder is finally released. It includes huge list of changes, that contains completely new event logic, more options, renewed interface, mobile optimization, updated email notifications and tons of changes under the hood.

Read full article about key changes.

Demo account added

July 11, 2013

Now you don't have to register to try Event Reminder. You can log in with demo account to see whether it meets your needs.

New functionality

July 1, 2013

Added functionality that allows to change password, restore password and remove account.

Timezone support

June 26, 2013

Now Event Reminder can deal with your local date and time. The timezone can be selected in Settings area.

Meet Event Reminder

June 18, 2013

Hi there! It's the first public release of Event-Reminder.org - web service that will remind about any events by sending email notifications.