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The ultimate email notification tool
Event Reminder is free email notification service.
It will keep you always informed about upcoming birthdays, meetings, monthly payments and any other events which shouldn't be forgotten.

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What is Event Reminder?

Event Reminder is a nice free tool that will help you to remember about your important dates by sending notifications to your old good email inbox. Just add your events and be sure that you will not forget them next time. If you will not forget to check your inbox, of course :)

Why Event Reminder?

You're right, nowadays we have tons of reminders available as desktop and mobile apps for any taste. But don't be confused: Event Reminder is not designed to replace your favorite organizer or calendar. It feels pretty well as additional tool for repeating events that live outside our everyday schedule but might be also well to be reminded of.

The idea of this service is to be simple, reliable and platform independent. Its goal is "add and forget": add your event and forget that you should ever keep in mind what application or which device you have been using for memorization. That's why Event Reminder utilizes email as delivery method and works as web application that can be accessed everywhere from any device.

Another goal of Event Reminder is focusing on its purpose. It will always aim to be as convenient as possible and do its work even better than it does.


  • Timezone support. You'll be notified of your events with respect of your local time, in whatever part of the world you live.
  • Apply various behaviors to your events in widget-like style and combine them together to archieve incredible complexity. Does your event happen each September 20, also every eight weeks on Tuesday and, moreover, at the last Friday of summer months simultaneously? No problem.
  • Select how many days before the target date you would like to start receiving daily notifications. Need 2 days to prepare birthday cake for your boss? Here you go.
  • Set expiry options of your event - be it either specific date or limited number of occurrences.
  • Specify the time of day when you would like the notification of each event to be sent.
  • See all your events in dashboard grouped by their next occurrence date with live search.
  • Access the site from your favorite device with any screen size and receive notifications using your preferred email client.
  • Demo mode that will help you check it all out right now with one click.


Hmm... Is it all for free? Unbelievable!

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